Disgaea RPG tier list – every four-star character ranked

Disgaea RPG tier list – every four-star character ranked

Disgaea RPG’s international version includes a big series of personalities, implying it can be challenging to exercise that to include in your event. If you’re brand-new to the video game, or perhaps if you simply require a little of group ideas, continue reading to discover a checklist of the very best four-star personalities as well as details on exactly how to execute a reroll.

We will certainly upgrade our Disgaea RPG rate checklist when any type of brand-new personality gets here in-game, or when an upgrade declines that transforms exactly how they execute in battle. It’s relatively very easy to reroll for the personality you desire at the beginning of the video game, so we suggest rolling till you obtain among the four-star personalities we have actually noted in the S-tier classification listed below.

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Currently, with no more hold-up, allow’s enter into it!

A group of Disgaea RPG characters in a dark castle

Disgaea RPG rate checklist

Rate Disgaea RPG personality
S Desco, Lady Laharl, Laharl, Pure Sicily, Valvatorez
A Almaz, Attired Rozalin, Christo, Dark Artina, Dark Santa Laharl, Emizel, Fuka, Kyoko Needleworker, Majorita, Meaver, Ms Rasperyl, Sicily, Usalia
B Etna, Fallen Angel Flonne, Fenrich, Flonne, Gordon, Mao, Mid-Boss, Red Magnus, Rozalin, Swimwear Desco, Thursday, Xenolith, Yukimaru
C Adell, Artina, Barbara, Axel, Jennifer, Killia, Raspberyl, Seraphina, Zeroken

Just how to execute a Disgaea RPG reroll

It’s extremely simple to reroll in Disgaea RPG. Right after you visit for the very first time as well as select your name, you have the ability to reroll as long as you desire for a four-star personality by pushing ‘begin again’.

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